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Crrssz Architect

Guana Living is a partner of CRSSZ Architecture, a firm with more then 10 years of experience in Real Estate development and investment projects.

Experts in design consulting, guidance and permits for beach projects:

  • Private residence
  • Commercial projects
  • BNB homes

Both CRSSZ and GuanaLiving Architects´ are certified and registered in CFIA – the Costa Rican Architecture Institution. 

Why go through an experienced Design & Build firm:

A common mistake, and a very expensive one, is when people take on themselves the managing aspect of a project. We all know, at least one person, who has gone through hell in order to get in his project completed, especially in Guanacaste. 

An experienced firm providing a complete service will initially save you a whole lot of stress, and you might know already, there is a whole lot of it when it comes to building a project. 

What design stages should a professional help you with?

A professional firm will provide a complete service. This should include all stages of analysis, revision, design and construction inspection related to the project: 

  • Preliminary studies

This includes environmental analysis, legal documents revision, soil studies, design approximation, between others

  • An initial blueprint

Containing the first layouts of your projects. Facades, sections, floors plans, that can already be submitted for approval

  • Building plans

Once the architectural plans are approved and completed, engineers of different areas will start their own work to make sure the structural, mechanical and electrical aspect of the project is properly designed, submitted and approved by CFIA.

  • Approvals of Institutions

CFIA, National Health Institute, Fire Dept., Enviroments, Municipality, water insist. and more

  • Tax and insurance payment

Once plans are approved by the municipality, a certain fee must be paid to both Insurance Institution and the local municipality.

  • Last but not least, the building of your project

Your architecture firm should always be present during the construction of your project, providing an inspection service as part of their professional duties. This makes sure the design will take place accordingly and little to none inconveniences will be made throughout the building process.

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