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Guana Living is a community of Real Estate agents, architects, builders. designers, insurance agents dedicated to provide the best service and the most useful information possible to those who are living or plan to live in Guanacaste, Costa Rica. We know it can be overwhelming, some of us have been there ourselves. That’s why we feel these three main life aspects should be under one roof – Finding your Real Estate opportunity, Building it and Securing it, and not only your property, but your health, and if needed, your whole family as well. Our team is made out of both local and international professionals and we are partnered with leading experts in each field. 

Our services are given in both English, Spanish and Hebrew. 

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Founder , GuanaLiving
A tropical israeli living in Guanacaste! Architect, Real Estate and Insurance agent ready to...
Partner agent , GuanaLiving
Born and raised in San Jose, Costa Rica!With more then 10 years of experience...

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Eyal Porat
Guana Living
Eyal Porat
Guana Living

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Eyal Porat
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